About Us

Who are we?

Green Recycling Solutions is one of the oldest companies in Israel in the field of recycling. 

We started our journey in 2001 when the issue of recycling in Israel was still in its infancy, long before the establishment of the Environmental Waste Management Law in 2014, which finally required businesses that own e-waste to recycle in an orderly manner for the benefit of the environment. 

Our company provides comprehensive recycling solutions, with a focus on collection, treatment and recycling of electronic waste. We work with a wide range of businesses, high-tech companies, hospitals, public institutions and more to provide green alternatives to reduce environmental impactful.

Electronic waste is considered any electronic product that has been discontinued. The increase in electronic use and production breaks a new record with each year and creates a dual dilemma – a huge accumulation of electronic waste that is not treated properly, and the need to produce more and more metals and raw materials, some of which are rare and non-renewable resources, for the purpose of manufacturing new electronic products.

Electronic waste is considered one of the most dangerous and toxic types of waste for humans and the environment and therefore proper treatment is critical. Proper recycling and sorting make it possible to reuse existing products as well as distill raw materials that are recycled by way of a circular economy for industrial use.

What do we offer?

We offer accessible and speedy service of collection of waste and usable electronic equipment, for example – communication equipment, servers, computers, monitors, cables, medical equipment and more. 

Evaluation and disposal services are offered free of charge and without obligation so to encourage a focus on the best possible green solutions for the company without additional pressures. Our initial evaluation involves thorough assessment of the inventory in possession, so that we can understand the possibilities inherent as a team. After we’ve come to an agreement, we carry out immediate evacuation of the waste, within two business days, with as little nuisance and waste of time and resources possible. The waste is then transferred to a sorting and recycling center, where it is redirected for reuse and recovery, scrapping or recycling.

It is possible to place dedicated collection containers in the business that will be collected at convenient times and coordinated in advance. In addition, our company provides information destruction and shredding services as well as dismantling services of communication rooms, large machines, medical equipment, etc.

Our environmentally green vision

Our company believes in social justice alongside environmental justice, and in making a significant contribution to the community.

For the division of sorting and recycling work in the factory, we employ people with disabilities for the purpose of integrating them into the community. We also assist with regional and national campaigns for the purpose of raising awareness for recycling. In addition, our company from time to time assists in the donation of proper electronic products to various non-profit organizations around the country – and we invite our customers to be partners in choosing the destination of the donation.

We welcome the fact that in recent years the issue of recycling is gaining momentum and getting its rightful place, and we invite you as partners change in the green path and for the common goal of us all – preserving the environment, our future and the future of our children.

Feel free to contact us,

Rony  +972-50-2414446 ronykuby@gmail.com

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